Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for 2013

Posted by on Jan. 30, 2013, 4:04 p.m.

online marketing ideas for valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to show your customers you care. Marketing over this time period can of course get a bit much if not done correctly. So it’s important to think about how you can make your product really stand out in order to leverage this day of love.

People like to feel needed and important on Valentine’s Day. However, for many people, love may not necessary be expressed towards someone romantically. It may be expressed towards a child, a pet or even another family member. It’s therefore up to you to truly know your target market, be considerate to all and connect with your customer in a useful and meaningful manner. 

We’ve put together 30 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for those keen to explore the online marketing space during this important time of year. These ideas are tried and tested and we’ve also thrown in some innovative approaches to get you thinking out of the box.

Here are our 30 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas (mainly for online but also offline marketing): 

1. If you’re an ecommerce store, try and give away a free gift with every purchase as part of the build up to St. Valentine’s Day. It needn’t be something expensive.

2. Create Valentine’s Day coupons for discounts and send these out via email. People can then print the coupon to receive their discount or use a special code online when they checkout.

3. Hold a Valentine’s Day contest that encourages interaction on your company’s Facebook page – create a Facebook tab for this competition specifically. Let customers win a couple’s massage, a day at the spa or a romantic dinner for two. You can even have a secret admirer competition. The ideas are endless!

4. Praise customers for their loyal support. Showcase their profile photos on your Facebook wall or even in a mailer. Let them have some fame on this special day.

5. Furnish customers with useful tips and tricks to help them make others feel special (i.e. give them Valentine’s Day craft or baking ideas). People love out-of-the-box gift ideas and are keen to hear more about them.

6. Send out a general pretty Valentine’s Day mailer to all your customers thanking them for their support.

7. Have a dedicated page on your ecommerce store for Valentine’s Day gift ideas and market this page too.

8. Wrap all products that are purchased in pretty Valentine’s Day wrapping paper. This will make customers feel special and it may encourage them to spend more.

9. Ensure customers are addressed personally (with use of their first name) in emails or newsletters that get sent out.

10. Brag a little – nothing like throwing in the odd customer testimonial here and there. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to put testimonials on display.

11. Have ‘Last Minute’ Valentine’s Deals for those people who buy gifts on the last minute. Use social media and mailers to promote these deals.

12. Create a printable Valentine’s Card to accompany a mailer. Customers can print the card in colour or on coloured paper, personalize it and give it to their loved ones. Include a small logo somewhere on the card (especially if your graphic designer has taken a lot of time to put it together).

13. Add some love to your company logo, Facebook cover image, Twitter background page and Google+ cover image. It can be the smallest heart symbol or even something more extravagant like a logo redesign for the month of February.

14. Write a series of useful blog posts/tips about Valentine’s Day and promote these on your social media platforms. Do some keyword research using or to help you better identify the things people are searching for and tweak your blog posts accordingly.

15. Share moving images, quotes to inspire and a little bit of humour on your Facebook page – all related to St. Valentine of course!

16. Create a dedicated Pinterest board with all things related to Valentine’s Day – make it a guest board and encourage customers to help you out and pin pretty things relating to Valentine’s Day.

17. Send Valentine’s Day adverts and deals via SMS to customers. Include a little ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ message. Compel customers to shop by spreading the love and thanking them for their support.

18. Hold a physical Valentine’s Day event if you have a tangible store or office. Take pictures and use this for your Facebook page and social media platforms. Encourage people to talk about your event and partake. We suggest you get someone to make Valentine’s Day cupcakes or cakes…they look divine (and why the heck not?!).

19. Host a special Valentine’s Day sale complete with once-off deals and price cuts.

20. Create a ‘Refer-A-Friend’ campaign that offers customers a discount or freebie when they get a friend to purchase or signup during the month of love.

21. Reward customers who always purchase from you or who always utilize your services. Send them something special via snail mail.

22. Tailor your ads accordingly to the Valentine’s Day theme. You can even target single people or those in a relationship for ads on Facebook – this can be really useful.

23. Partner with another company to offer something truly unique to your customers. This is great if you don’t have the resources or means in which to offer something different. An exchange of sorts can easily work between two companies – find out what you can offer the company and what they can offer you in exchange. And who knows, your customers may just love this offer!

24. Surprise your most loyal customers with flowers or chocolates and physically take this to them at their door. Have a cameraman ready to capture the shots of surprise on their faces! This would make a fabulous blog post or Facebook album and it would really encourage people to engage with you more.

25. If you’re an ecommerce shop – give a Valentine’s Day Wish list away to one lucky person.

26. Offer extra special services such as free delivery for the week building up to the special day.

27.  Segment your mailing list and sell separately to males and females.

28. If you don’t have an online store, leverage print marketing by designing eye-catching flyers and postcards to distribute.

29. Involve the singles and structure social media and blog posts about Singles Awareness Day. Don’t forget about those who are not romantically involved. Try and include them too - perhaps by posting some funny quotes about Valentine’s Day or something that mocks this day.

30. Offer personalized calendars that include photos of customers and their loved ones for a special price. Personalised gifts like this often go down very well and this sort out thing can be done quite easily and through third party companies.

Make whatever you do on Valentine’s Day lighthearted, fun and interesting for the customer. Make sure your marketing connects with him or her in a new and innovative manner that excites, intrigues and encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Valentine’s Day needn’t be cheesy or overdone and there are literally hundreds of inventive and creative ideas that offer something completely new.

What online marketing ideas do you have for Valentine’s Day?


Image credits: Dani P.L

Posted by on Jan. 30, 2013, 4:04 p.m.


2 Comments about "Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for 2013"

Teepu says:

31st of January 2013

So many ideas this Valentines day!!! I will be sure to keep note of this. Rewarding buyers who are regular customers would surely be a great way to show your LOVE to them. :)

james says:

13th of February 2013

Hey, thanks for the cool tips! Just this morning I saw an awesome idea/deal for a valentine's day lunch: heart shaped pizzas! how cool is that?! I saw it on Deal Africa. You can take a look. They have other cool Valentine's stuff as well of course but this was my favorite! Cheers and have an awesome Valentines.

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