Most Popular Social Media Blog Posts from South Africa

Posted by on Nov. 5, 2012, 11:26 a.m.

More and more, South Africans are jumping on the online marketing bandwagon. Social media and digital marketing thought leaders are starting to emerge across the country. Those in the online marketing industry are not only turning to international online publications to stay on top of the latest marketing trends; local websites and blogs are fast becoming a firm favourite with digital marketing enthusiasts.

I’ve compiled this list of top blog posts from up-and-coming social media thought leaders in South Africa. These are the most recent blog posts (published end of October/November) taken from a number of popular local sites:

lady with laptop 

Social Media and Digital Marketing Commentary in South Africa

Social Secrets of the Digital Divide (Mark Lives)

What is the Economic Impact of Social Media in South Africa? (Deloitte)

Social Media ‘Breaking Barries’ in SA (

How SA Firms Use Social Media (Tech Central)

The SA Social Media Landscape Report 2012 is Out (Fuseware)

World Leaders in Digital Media Descend on Cape Town (Supernews)

South Africa Needs to Enter Remarketing (Bizcommunity)

Social Media: The Other Social Networks (Quirk)


Social Media News Articles from South Africa

Is Facebook Really Broken on Purpose? (Memeburn)

Content Marketing, Critical to a Social Media Campaign (The Media Online)

Why Collective Thinking Through Social Media is More Important Now Than Ever (Memeburn)

Your Business and Social Media: What You Need to Know (All4Women)

Why you Need to Get Serious about Social Media (Finweek)

Prevent Social Media Catastrophes (Pure Publishing)

Be Careful of What You Share Online (


Opinion Pieces about Social Media in South Africa

The Real Problem with Social Media Strategies? Traditional Agencies (Memeburn)

Brands Urged to Effectively Manage Social Media Platforms During Crisis (Financial Mail)

Are Social Media Agency Prostituting Their Brands? (Bizcommunity)

The Great Social Media Debate (IT Web)

Big Brands Pitch Up on Social Media (Business Day Live)


How-To Blog / Social Media Tips

5 Habits You Need to Adopt to be Effective on Social Media (Memeburn)

Brands! Manage Your Social Media Platforms Effectively During Crises (Bizcommunity)

6 Tips For Small Businesses Looking To Really Engage On The Social Web (Memeburn)


Blog Posts by Social Media Platform:



Facebook vs. Twitter (Women 24)

Facebook Emoticons (



Official Account? Prove it: Pinterest Now Lets You Verify Your Website (Memeburn)

Pinterest Isn’t Just For Pretty Pictures: It’s Where Your Brand Should Be (Memeburn)



Could Your Klout Score Land You Your Next Job? (Memeburn)


Google Plus

Does Google+ Trump Facebook (Media Update)

Google+ Mobile Apps Latest Update Allows for Page Editing (Gearburn)

How to Make Your Google+ Page More of a Success (Quirk)



10 African Leaders Turning to Twitter (Thought Leader)


Where do you get your fix of social media and digital marketing news? Tell us in the comment section below. 


Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon

Posted by on Nov. 5, 2012, 11:26 a.m.

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