10 Great Twitter Productivity Tools

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Twitter is indeed one of the most useful social media platforms out there and most probably the most underrated. Use these nifty tools to help you find out what makes your followers tick or to simply improve your tweeting tactics. Let’s face it; we all look to our colleagues, friends and those we love to determine what is popular. So why not try out these useful tools to improve your social media leverage?


Klout measures a person’s online influence and it mines your online presence from a whole variety of sources to develop a rating. More than 2000 companies use the data to help them improve their ratings but also to help them get well-deserved recognition. One hotel has even set up Klout to ping the staff so when someone checks in Klout will tell the system how influential the person is and will even suggest upgrading their room or offering them certain entertainment. People are even putting their Klout scores on their CV’s and companies are starting to recognise the Klout rating when employing individuals. But Klout is not only good for an ego boost. The rankings with Klout’s API’s can be integrated into other social media feeds and Klout can tell you about your relationship with the rest of the online world.




Tweriod is a site that you only have to use once, and once you have the results you can use them to optimise your Twitter account. Tweriod will show you when your tweets get the most exposure and when most of your followers are online. Using Tweriod in conjunction to Buffer or Hootsuite is fantastic, because you’ll know exactly when to tweet and when your followers will be online, and then you can buffer or schedule your tweets accordingly.




We’re all for visuals that help us understand our online behaviour better. Tweetstats is a nifty little site that shows how many tweets you’ve written on average per day and per month. It uses bar graphs to show your tweet density and at what times you tweet the most during the day. It also shows who you’ve replied to and interacted with the most on Twitter. You’ll also see whose posts you’ve ‘retweeted’ the most! Handy, isn’t it?




If you’re keen to find out who has ‘unfollowed’ you on Twitter, then here’s how. You can use Who Unfollowed Me. Simply sign up using your Twitter account. Click on the ‘Unfollower History’ to show how many followers you’ve lost in a period of time. Why is this useful? Well because there are lots of tweeters out there who will simply follow you just to get you to follow them back. And when you do so, they simply drop you, because all they were really interested in is getting you to follow them back! This is another great tool for tracking. You’ll learn a lot here.


Sign into Just Unfollow with your Twitter account and you can see all the people who are not following you. Plus you can ‘whitelist’ people you think are great to follow. You can also ‘unfollow’ people pretty quickly with this tool. It lists all your Twitter fans in one simply list. You can quickly ‘unfollow’ all the people who you don’t know or who don’t even have a photograph, because chances are, they are just not going to tweet. You can even see inactive followers and check how long they’ve been inactive for and remove them. This is a fabulous feature as some people have accounts but don’t use them at all.


Trendistic allows you to do searches based on keywords so you can see how often people are talking about certain topics. Trendistic is a great way to find out more about the behaviour of people on Twitter and when they are talking about certain subjects.


 Strawberry Jam shows you the most popular links in your Twitter timeline. You’ll never have to wonder what’s popular ever again. If you’re tired of the same stories cluttering up your feed then you should definitely try out Strawberryj.am. The site consolidates all the stories together so you don’t have to see them multiple times! Strawberry Jam effectively declutters your newsfeed. And it’s also available on mobile.

Strawberry Jam



Buffer is a tool for queuing up status updates for Twitter and Facebook. You don’t want to overwhelm some of your followers by tweeting consecutively during the day! Buffer App lets you spread your tweets out over the course of the day. You can schedule exactly when you want your tweets to go out. This is great because if your followers only check on Twitter later in the day, you can schedule tweets to appear only then. The nifty toolbar option can be installed for your browser and is fantastic to use when you’ve come across a useful site and want to share this with your followers at the click of a button, instead of logging into Twitter separately. Another really useful feature is that once you’ve installed the software and log into your normal Twitter account, the Buffer tweet bar will appear as part of the site and you can tweet like normal except with the buffer function present. Buffer now also includes Facebook, so you can schedule your posts for this site as well.  


Hootsuite is an excellent Twitter client that is becoming increasing popular. You can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to it easily. Unfortunately, Hootsuite is web-based so it’s not available as a separate program you can download. But its functionality takes social media to a completely new level. You can schedule your tweets really easily which is great for time differences. You can also set your scheduled tweets so that you get an email automatically when they are sent out. The user-friendly dashboard makes things really easy to see. You can see everyone you are following, everyone who mentions you and also your scheduled tweets for later in the day. Hootsuite is a great way to get to know people and interact and you can easily keep track of people who have reached out to you. The program allows you to create tabs and lists to separate your interests.



bitly is a tool that helps you collect, organize, shorten and share links. The company aims to reinvent how people discover and share content on the web. bitly has been added to browser extensions, the mobile web and numerous third-party tools integrated with the company’s open public API. Shared links via bitly allow users to view complete, real-time traffic and analytics data.

bitly's interface on their own website is straight forward and easy to use. Simply copy any lengthy link and the program instantly shortens it. You don’t want to publish lengthy and unsightly URL links on any micro-blogging site or social media platform. The API is used best when integrated automatically into Twitter platforms such as Tweetdeck. The awesome thing about using the bitly site is that you can actually see how much traffic you have generated by using the shortened link. You’ll even be able to see the geographic locations where your shortened link was shared. You’ll also be able to see any conversations that may have arose from the link. Pretty nifty if you’re into tracking you’re into tracking the traffic to your website, huh? Once you’ve generated the link on bitly then you can share the link easily with Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and to your email contacts.



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